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    Method Test Prep Partners With Castle Learning To Bring SAT And ACT Prep Solutions To More Students

    Posted by Patrick Hopkins

    Mar 20, 2012 10:25:00 AM

    Method Test Prep - industry leader in ACT online tests and SAT online tests - has partnered with Castle Learning to bring Method Test's test prep software to more students and schools across the country.

    Method Test Prep is pleased to announce that they are partnering with Castle Learning who will serve as distributors for their test prep software. With the partnership, Method Test Prep will reach more students and more classrooms with their unique style of web-based ACT andSAT test preparation.

    The popular online test prep software solution will be sold through Castle Learning Online’s resource catalog, which also includes other educational tools and software programs to help students, teachers and parents with the learning process.

    Castle Learning supports teacher instruction through its web-based access to core content in math, science, social studies, English, Spanish, and French. Review assignments, homework sessions and benchmark assessments are just a few of the most commonly used features of the program. The tool provides all-inclusive access to vocabulary, reference tables, and instructional hints and reasons. Immediate feedback helps students understand not only the correct answer, but why it is correct. Castle Learning’s focus on improving vocabulary and conceptual comprehension correlates well with Method Test Prep’s ideals.

    “We are excited to partner with Castle Learning as they have a mission that is very similar to our own,” said Tom Ehlers, President of Method Test Prep, “All students should have access to high-quality, simple-to-use tools to prepare them for success in college. With this new partnership, more students will be able to use Method Test Prep courses to prepare efficiently and effectively for the SAT and ACT.”

    Method Test Prep has been a standardized test prep leader for over 12 years. Their unique test prep software program helps students increase test scores by improving their relevant skills, building familiarity with the test format and providing comprehensive practice on typical test questions.

    The test prep software was created by a team of professional tutors who saw a need for comprehensive and customizable SAT and ACT test preparation. The program focuses on developing key math and English skills that can enhance classroom and life performance in addition to increasing test scores.

    The Method Test Prep course is completely web-based, which makes it easy to implement in a home or classroom environment. It features course lessons that are broken up into easy-to-digest 15 minute sections. This allows students to focus on learning for a short burst of time and maximizes the absorption of the new material.

    Students using the Method Test Prep software are able to raise their SAT scores an average of 120 points and their ACT scores an average of 3 points. When students work through the accompanying learning checklists, their test scores are likely to rise even higher.

    Unlike other software-based test prep programs, Method Test Prep customizes the learning track to the needs of a specific student. Students can retake sections that they found challenging and improve skills that are important to them. Students can follow a specific set of recommendations to raise their scores based on their previous practice test scores. Teachers can broadcast lessons to an entire group of students at once or let the students explore the lessons individually.

    In addition to classroom use, Method Test Prep can be used at home. Homework quizzes, Vocabulary Builder Tools and Math exercises can enhance a student’s learning outside of the classroom and reinforce lessons.

    “Access to SAT and ACT preparation has been a common request from our participating schools. This alliance with Method Test Prep will provide the best tool at a budget friendly cost to both our current and new customers,” said Scott Fischer, General Manager of Castle Learning Online. Fischer continued, “Online delivery, high quality content, and commitment to customer service weighed heavily in our decision to enter into this partnership. The combination of Castle Learning and Method Test Prep will provide an unbeatable package that improves academic achievement during the school year as well as on standardized tests.”

    The Method Test Prep software is currently available through Castle Learning and the main Method Test Prep website. Schools and districts are encouraged to participate in a free trial for both Castle Learning and Method Test Prep in order to experience the benefits first hand and make an informed, budget-friendly decision.

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