So this is the typical response when we talk to a principal, director of guidance, superintendent, or other person charged with investigating options to prepare his or her students for the ACT and SAT. When they ask about pricing and we say "$3 per student for the year" they are surprised. In a good way. "Provide all of the students in your district, regardless of each family's financial situation, with access to high-quality ACT and SAT prep."students-thumb_(4)

That is our message to districts. And we will provide free, unlimited professional development and support to our schools. Call us and you will speak to a live human that business day. If we miss your call we will get back to you within an hour. And we provide full reporting tools for teachers and administrators. Analyze the data without having to do any clicking. See which students have done the work. See how those students have performed on specific concepts like Main Idea, Percents, Vocabulary-In-Context, Exponents, Grammar, Algebra, Finding Details In A Passage, and Geometry.

Also, we provide lesson plans for teachers, and correlations to Common Core and other standards. All for $3 per student for the year. Teachers use our lessons, quizzes, and videos as an additional curriculum tool in their classrooms. Some teachers once a week, some daily. Teachers love to use our materials from their electronic whiteboards at the front of their rooms.

Not only will students learn to score higher on the ACT and SAT, they will build reading, math, and writing skills that are critical for success in college and the workplace. Teachers and districts find Method Test Prep very easy to work with. We provide as much training as anyone needs, but typically teachers do not need more than an hour or two of training before they feel comfortable.

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