For college-seeking students, the deciding factor is visiting the campus in person. Nothing compares to being in the middle of campus interaction to determine if the college fits your personality and interests. However, with students applying to colleges across the country, traveling becomes difficult. Additionally, parents may not have the resources (finances, transportation, etc.) to travel. In those circumstances, the answer lies in virtual tours. You can compare colleges on the computer and/or on mobile devices.

virtual-realityIn a virtual setting, students enter the site, press play, and pay attention to visuals. Video snippets, 360-degree images, and student narration make students feel like they're right there in person. A voice explains the photo, the purpose, and the history behind it. It explains dorms, clubs, activities, and amenities. Interact with the tour by following instructions on what to click next. As you navigate the tour, students imagine themselves being on the campus in person as the narrator doubles as a tour guide. In 20-30 minutes, students will gain a different perspective with plenty of attributes.  

Viewing the campus without leaving the house is a great alternative. It reaches students around the world. Due to the success of campus tours, the piqued interest will continue to increase until virtual tours become an important step in college admissions. Websites like YouVisit and YOUniversity dedicate their website to realistic-looking virtual campus tours. Recognizable college information websites such as College Prowler include virtual tours. Some colleges have virtual tours available for viewing. 

While virtual tours are convenient, it never takes the place of being there in person. Still, it highlights the campus layout and possible interaction in the setting. It provides an idea of campus life and encourages students to visit in person later on. Let this become a stepping stone toward the dream college. For more information on college comparisons, contact us.