Colleges and universities have been using ACT and SAT scores for many decades to help in the decision-making related to their admissions process. Certainly, it is not the only factor. Usually, it is a mix of test scores combined with grades, course difficulty level, academic and personal recommendations, application, and any number of other things specifically related to the individual institution. When going through the college admissions process, it can be a big advantage to know precisely how most institutions use test scores in their criteria.

deskseditedConsider the following list of just three essential things to know about this process.

1) They Might Find You – It's true that colleges may come looking for you based on the previously mentioned factors regarding their admissions process. Most college prep tests like the ACT and SAT will give you the option of sharing your name with colleges that may be interested in your scores and academic history. Expose yourself to this possibility to provide the best opportunity to get attention from the college of your choice.
2) Free Money – Many institutions will offer scholarships based either solely on test scores or in combination with some other criteria. Scholarships are money that does not have to be paid back. Therefore, it is a tremendous benefit to any student, and exponentially underscores the importance of scoring well.
3) Publishing Rights – Most schools will publish their students' test scores. This can be good information for you because you can ask for it and decide whether or not your scores match up to their standards before applying. You should keep in mind, however, that most schools accept a broad range of scores, so there usually isn't a hard line for a cutoff. It's usually a grey area where other factors related to your particular strengths and weaknesses are considered to ultimately determine eligibility.

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