College can be a very daunting thought when you need money to pay for it. You may not even know where to begin. Did you know that the federal government can give you grants to pay for your higher education? Keep calm, and read on for a few important facts you should know about the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

FAFSA_blogThere is a Deadline

Just as there is a deadline for your college application, the FAFSA form has  a deadline. This deadline is June 30th. You can fill out the form at You cannot start an application after this date. You do have until September 19th to enter any updates or changes to your FAFSA.

Have Your Income Tax Return Information Available

Your income tax return information is used to determine how much financial aid you will be given. Be sure to also have your parent(s) income tax return information with you. Some colleges may request that you import the information from the IRS's database (Links are available through the FAFSA form). This allows for the most accurate information and is the quickest way to get through the forms.

It is Not That Difficult

Forms for college can be overwhelming, but the FAFSA form is not one of those. With a little concentration and perhaps some help from your parents or a friend; it can be a very easy process. Just remember to put the correct information in the correct sections. Do not rush through so that you do not miss anything. Also, don't stress about the deadline. If you need to make changes, you still have some time.

Filling out your college paperwork can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. There are three facts you should remember about the FAFSA forms. Do not forget about the deadline. It is very important to remember this fact. Make sure to have the proper paperwork with you when you are filling out your FAFSA. You and your parent(s) income tax return information should be readily available. Do not stress too much. The FAFSA forms are not that difficult to fill out. You should not pay someone to do these forms. It is not worth it.

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