Going to college is nothing like it's portrayed in the movies. One suitcase for your dorm and a magically packed school bag that provides all the necessary utensils for a full-time student? Wrong. Attending college, especially as a first-time freshman, requires a variety of things, from course books to pen and paper. This college checklist should help settle any worry you have about forgetting key items on that first day of class. 

college-search-750x420.jpgFor Class: 

  • notebooks and loose-leaf paper
  • ink pens (surely, pens in red, blue, and black are essential)
  • highlighters 
  • pencils and mechanical pencils
  • laptop
  • an Ethernet cable (due to the inevitably slow wifi on college campuses)
  • your course books--when buying your course books, you should be aware that some professors choose to discard the use of said books. To save money, ask your professor on the first day of class if the book will be needed. Another money-saving tip is to look into renting your textbooks, rather than buying or buy used books instead. 
  • a school bag or tote to carry your utensils. 

For your dorm room: 

  • for the coffee lovers, a coffee pot and coffee
  • coffee mugs and a travel cup
  • a lamp
  • surge protector
  • mini-fridge
  • microwave 
  • clothes hangers 
  • mini fan
  • toilet paper and paper towels
  • paper plates 
  • plastic forks/spoons/knives 
  • garbage can and garbage bags 
  • over-the-door mirror 
  • laundry basket


  • Bookshelf for books and notebooks
  • snacks, such as fruit, granola bars, peanuts, pretzels, etc. 
  • water bottles 
  • bulletin board
  • calendar
  • photos of friends and family
  • thumb tacks 

Preparing for college is quite the experience, and while it can be stressful, it doesn't have to be. For more information on your college necessities, contact us today.