ACT & SAT Prep –– Not the Most Compelling

SAT and ACT prep will never be exciting. And that’s coming from someone whose livelihood depends directly on test prep. But this isn’t really a secret. After all, Method Test Prep doesn’t exist because we feel passionate about the SAT and ACT themselves; rather, what drives us is the daily opportunity to make a difference in students’ academic lives. Because the SAT and ACT are major hurdles for many students, we get this opportunity through those exams, which together serve as the medium for much of our expertise.

This, however, doesn’t mean that SAT and ACT prep needs to be miserable. The vast majority of students are never going to get excited about standardized test prep, but there’s one effective way to mitigate the tedium and trepidation it engenders.

Vary Your Approach By Going Online

The way to make test prep better is to occasionally leave the books behind and get online. Sure, the material and necessary strategies will be the same, but approaching the prep using different media can do wonders for students who need a break from more pencil-and-paper work. Whether working on a self-paced program, watching a strategy-based video series, taking live online classes for the SAT or ACT, or working one-on-one with a tutor, students can use web-based resources to supplement their prep with innovative and effective approaches that present both content and strategy in a dynamic, engaging way.

Primary Benefits of Online Learning

The benefits of web-based learning are many, but here are my top three.

  1. Web-based resources allow students to learn at their own pace. Software and videos allow students to repeat lessons and work through problems at their own speed. Many students for whom traditional classes move too quickly or too slowly can benefit from either the deliberation or acceleration that web-based resources allow.
  2. These days, the internet is accessible from just about anywhere. This allows students to prep in a time and place that are convenient for them. When it comes to test prep––a process that must be driven, in large part, by students themselves––convenience can be a deal-maker or deal-breaker.
  3. Online SAT & ACT prep resources cover an entire price spectrum. This means that even students whose families can’t afford to spend lots of money on test prep (i.e., most families), will be able to find high-quality resources at very reasonable prices. (Our self-paced program is one of them!)

So do your students a favor: have them try some online SAT & ACT prep resources today. Uncertain as to which of the ones described above will work best for you? Email us at, or call 516-597-4999!