Students with goals of attending college should begin researching colleges during their sophomore year of high school. While some dream of flying off as far away from their parents as possible, it's important to keep reality in check. After all, who is footing the bill for your education? That's actually a very important factor to consider when selecting a college. Use the following college checklist to help you decide on what school is the best fit for you. 


1. Do you have a major in mind? A smart idea is to research schools that are well-known for having high employment rates of graduates with the same major. 

2. How much is tuition? If you travel out-of-state, the tuition will be higher than if you stay in your home state, or study at a school with tuition reciprocity.

3. What are the admission requirements? Take as many AP courses in high school as possible, as these courses look great on your high school transcript and with high grades, transfer to college credit.

4. Take your ACT and SAT prep seriously. Do not put off your exam until the last minute. Register and take it as soon as you can, so you have time to retake if necessary. 

5. What financial aid package will the school offer you? Do you qualify for any scholarships or grants? There are many websites that offer grants and scholarships. Search for ones you are eligible for and take their application process serious.

6. How is the resident life on campus? Some colleges require first year students to live on campus and participate in their cafeteria plan. Find out about quiet and late night study options away from your dorm. 

7. What type of student organizations are available to first year students? How do you get involved?  Participating in collegiate organizations look great on your college transcript and future resume. 

8. Does the college have open tryouts for their sports teams? Do they offer recreational sports teams? These are great ways to stay active and meet new people. 

9. Do you think you will be happy here? Many students face periods of homesickness when they go away to college. If you are only a few hours away, you can always get a home-cooked meal and parent fix on the weekend. However, if you select a college that requires a plane ticket home, make sure you will be comfortable in your new surroundings until you can get home again. 

10. Do you have more questions about the college admission process?  Rememeber to talk to your school counselors becuase they are there to help you navigate the college admission process.

There are so many things to consider when selecting a college. This checklist will help with the most basic details to cover in your initial research. Always trust your gut when making your final decision.  You can contact us with any questions you have for college and to prepare for your entrance exams.

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