We regularly make improvements to our web-based SAT and ACT prep programs. Read below to learn about our latest and greatest!

At Method Test Prep, we recognize the importance of teacher participation to the successful implementation of our online ACT and SAT prep program in schools. Student usage is our number one objective, as over fifteen years of experience tells us one universal truth: if students use the program, they score higher than they do if they don’t use it. Despite what the College Board and ACT, Inc have long said––that test prep is ineffective––preparing for the ACT and SAT will improve student performance on the tests.

Achieving widespread student adoption of our program is our biggest challenge. We dedicate significant resources to this goal: Account Managers, instructional/informational videos, emails, blog posts, and even personal phone calls from MTP’s president, Tom Ehlers. We have come to realize that every school we work with presents a unique set of challenges. However, most of these roadblocks can be overcome with the help of a few dedicated teachers or counselors. To that end, we are always soliciting and listening to our clients’ feedback, which we take extremely seriously. Our passion for our product is unceasing, and we always strive to make our program as user friendly and impactful as possible. Sometimes, the results become improvements to the user interface, additional features and resources, curriculum changes, or any number of more minor updates and improvements.

In efforts to improve ease of use and effectiveness of our program in the classroom, we’ve been focusing on the tools that teachers have at their disposal. Over the last two years, we’ve implemented a new administrator homepage, heat maps for scores by concept and checklist progress, and overall school usage graphs and statistics. All of this has drastically improved the scope and focus of the data we make available to educators.

Despite the program’s web-based format, we still receive many teacher requests to print our quizzes. To accommodate the preference for traditional paper-and-pencil work, we recently introduced new functionality that allows teachers to print quizzes from the program. Anyone with a staff account can access this functionality in one of two ways.

From the Staff Homepage:

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.50.29 PM

And from the Student View of a staff account:

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.50.55 PM

Quizzes can be printed with or without answers, and passages can be printed separately.

As always, we ask you to be mindful of resources when printing, as many of these quizzes will require using lots of paper. Though we are conscious of paper wastage, the ability to print  was a request made too frequently to ignore. We hope this new feature will prove useful, and that it will allow teachers another way to engage students with Method Test Prep in their classrooms. Please remember, though, that the program will not track usage or strengths and weaknesses of the students if they don’t enter their answers into their accounts.