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A rose by any other name … Shakespeare’s famous line from Romeo and Juliet is often used today as a reference to imply that the name of something does not reflect what that thing really is.

rose.jpgHow does this apply to Method Test Prep? We are more than just “test prep” in the narrow sense of the phrase. We are teaching students the reading, math, and writing skills they need for success in high school, college, and life. Our video lessons teach students how to break down a reading passage, how to understand functions and statistics, and how to recognize and use proper subject-verb agreement.

Hundreds of teachers around the country use Method Test Prep lessons in their classrooms to reinforce what they have just taught, or to assign a supplementary homework assignment, extra credit, or “do now.” Our software grades students’ work for the teacher and displays the results in a single, easy-to-read table so teachers can record the students’ performance in their gradebook quickly and efficiently.

If you are a teacher, parent, or student who wasn’t aware that Method Test Prep is more than just “test prep”, click here to watch our short video on Functions and Statistics.