Exciting new things from Method Test Prep are finally here!

As an education organization, Method Test Prep naturally follows the rhythms of the school year. This means that during the summer, when most schools are out of session and most students are taking a break (but not too long a break!) from standardized testing and academics, we have some time to focus on completing and rolling out projects that we've been working on behind the scenes. Today, we're excited to introduce all of our users and fans to several of these initiatives.

  1. A Brand New Website. Over the past several years, MTP has continued to evolve into an organization that offers a wide array of test prep options, from in-person and web-based tutoring to online courses, to self-paced programs and high-quality on-demand content; it's only right that our website, methodtestprep.com, does the same. We've completely redesigned the structure of our site to make it both easier and more enjoyable for you to find the prep resources you need. Check it out and let us know what you think!

  2. ACT Program Improvements. Although the ACT hasn't undergone large-scale revisions, it has introduced small, incremental changes that students must prepare to face on test day. In efforts to ensure we are providing students with the most relevant and helpful strategies and content, we have introduced two completely new full-length exams to the ACT side of our self-paced program. In addition, we have introduced several new Math lessons to the ACT Lessons/Quizzes Math section of the program. All of the new content has been specifically designed to guide students through the newest challenges on the ACT. Don't subscribe to our self-paced program individually or through your school? Learn more about purchasing here!

  3. New Courses. Let's face it: SAT and ACT prep isn't the most exciting thing in the world. Nevertheless, we take it upon ourselves to design modes of prep that students will appreciate. Our newest SAT Math and SAT Writing & Language Power Courses each provide students with three hours of focused, high-level prep at an incredible price: only $100. Plus, when you register for both, you can save $25 using the promo code POWERSAVE25 at checkout. And we don't stop there. For the first time, we're introducing the SAT Open Forum, a class designed to get students the answers they need, and fast. All of these courses take place in just a few weeks, so click the links and don't miss out!

We're out with the old and in with the new: we hope you enjoy!