On the top of the list of harmful academic stigmas faced by all students is the idea that only problem students need tutoring. Whether it be subject tutoring or SAT & ACT prep, everyone (even straight A students!) can benefit from setting some time aside in their study routine to meet with a tutor. If you're doubtful, here are some things to consider: 

Anxiety.jpg1) Individual Attention: Most schools currently have a high teacher to student ratio. Currently, the average American student to teacher ratio is between 16-21. With so many students to pay attention to, it is impossible for a teacher to ensure that each student is grasping the subject. This is where tutoring can help even the best student in the class. By offering one-on-one in-person tutoring as well as online tutoring, Method Test Prep can fill the gaps that are left by well-meaning and overworked teachers. 

2) Reinforcement: One of the most important aspects of tutoring is that it reinforces material that the student has already covered. Without reinforcement and review, topics covered in the classroom decay from a student's memory at an exponential rate. Tutoring combats this natural memory decay by forcing the student to review the material. Often times tutors will review material in a different way than how the teacher originally presented the material. This causes students to understand the material in multiple different ways and gives them more flexibility when it comes to test-taking. Even the best student needs to review material to master it, and what better way to review than with a tutor?

3) Expert Help: The founding team members at Method Test Prep recruit and train our tutors to aid students in various subject areas. From SAT prep to Algebra II, our tutors are ready to use their expert knowledge to help students reach their goals. This could mean a student shifting their grades from a C to a B or an A to an A+. Our tutors work with the learning styles and goals of each student to help them learn material efficiently and perform their best on exams.

4) Building Confidence: Tutoring provides students with a unique opportunity to learn their true academic potential. Most students will find with the support of a tutor that they understood more of the material than they believed they did. Building confidence in students is a fundamental step in bringing students to the next level academically. Once students establish a base of confidence in academics, they will begin to take chances and eventually require less support from their tutor.

At Method Test Prep we take every student's education seriously. After working with thousands of students from multiple backgrounds, we've made it our goal to provide affordable tutoring available for all students through our web-based educational courses. Beyond working with thousands of individuals, we have also partnered with hundreds of schools to ensure that their students are fully prepared for standardized tests. 

For more information about Method Test Prep and how our tutoring programs can help your student succeed, please feel free to contact us