Methodize, Method Learning's online teaching platform, is an excellent tool for students to use on their own or as part of their school's curriculum. Methodize offers self-paced courses on ACT/SAT preparation, Academic Success/SEL, Algebra, Financial Literacy, and more. This article will focus on Methodize's test prep course, and will describe tools built into the program that can help students to prepare for the ACT and/or SAT by zeroing in on the specific concepts that they need to improve their scores. 

Students and teachers who are working with our self-paced online program often ask us "what is the best way to get started using Methodize?"  For most students, especially those who have several months or more before they take the ACT or SAT, the best way is to start at the beginning of the program and work through it sequentially; Methodize makes that easy: students only have to click the big green button to begin.


The big green button will say different things in different contexts (Start Lesson, Mark as Read, View Lesson Quizzes, Start Quiz), but if students keep clicking the big green button it will move them sequentially through the program, like turning the pages of a book. 

As helpful as the big green button approach can be, students who have already taken an official ACT, PSAT or SAT and who have limited time to prepare for their next test can jump directly to specific lessons and quizzes that will help them to either strengthen the areas of weakness or buttress the areas of strength from their official test.  Students can get started with targeted test prep themselves, or school counselors/teachers/administrators can help the students — whatever makes the most sense to them. Students will need to have the following:

  1. their official score report(s)
  2. Methodize's Concept Alignment documents

As you probably know, the ACT's composite score is derived from four sections (English,Math,Reading,Science) and the SAT's score comes from the sum of the Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections. What you may not know is that those section scores are further subdivided into subsections:

  ACT     SAT
English Production of Writing; Knowledge of Language; Conventions of Standard English   EBRW Command of Evidence; Words in Context; Expression of Ideas; Standard English Conventions
Math Preparing for Higher Math; Integrating Essential Skills; Modeling   Math Heart of Algebra; Problem Solving & Data Analysis; Passport to Advanced Math
Reading Key Ideas & Details; Craft & Structure; Integration of Knowledge & Ideas; Understanding Complex Texts      
Science Interpretation of Data; Scientific Investigation; Evaluation of Models; Inferences & Experiments      

For targeted test prep, the first step is to decide whether to try to further improve the areas that the student scored HIGHEST, or to build up the areas that the student scored LOWEST, either approach can work, but improving weak areas will likely see the biggest increases on the next test. 

Methodize Desktop When students log into Methodize, the dashboard shows their progress, their scores by concept, and links to the units, lessons and quizzes, along with access the full-length and shorter evaluation tests, the vocabulary builder, and many helpful downloadable resources at the bottom of the page. To get started with targeted test prep, students should click on the "Resources" section and look for the "Score Report Alignment with Methodize" documents located under "User Guides". These documents lay out which SPECIFIC Methodize concepts apply to the subscores on the test. 



In this example, let's assume that the student scored a 20 on ACT English, and the subsection scores revealed that the lowest subsection score was on "Knowledge of Language".  The student can use the document to see  the concepts they should focus on:

  • Incorrect Comparisons
  • Parallelism
  • Redundancy
  • Transitions

When the student returns to the dashboard, clicking on the subject (English, in this example), will show a list of every concept we teach — here I have searched for "Incorrect Comparisons".concepts1

The search reveals the student has already answered three of three questions correctly, but there may be more questions on this topic that they haven't seen yet. Also, every question in Methodize can be attempted multiple times to ensure mastery.


Clicking "Get Started" will give students a link to every lesson that touches on the concept — in this case, two lessons and four related quizzes. By diving right into the lessons and doing the quizzes attached to them, the student will be able to accelerate their mastery of the key concepts needed to raise their scores.

Method Learning's mission is to help students achieve more academically and to impact the families and schools we serve in a positive way. We don't just want to help students prepare for the tests, but to do so in such a productive way that they will not have to waste time and money on countless test attempts.  Students who diligently work through Methodize will improve their mastery of the materials on the test, and students who have already received their score reports can use Methodize to do targeted test prep that will allow them to raise their scores in the most efficient way.

Please contact us at if you have questions, or if we can help you with Methodize.