The Survey of Online Learning found that students who have the option to take online classes prefer to do so rather than taking traditional classes. While this survey focused on college students, the same trend is true for those studying for the ACT, SAT and similar college entrance exams. Online learning provides the flexibility and personalization that students need to prepare for these crucial tests.

Here are four reasons why students prefer online learning over sitting in a classroom.  Do You Know Why Students Prefer Online Learning?

1. Greater Flexibility

Today's high school students are busy. Between their coursework, sports practices and jobs, they simply don't have a lot of time. Adding the need to attend classes for the ACT or SAT on top of their already busy schedules is difficult, and sometimes impossible. Studying online allows students to work around their busy schedule, giving them the chance to take classes when they have time.

2. Greater Engagement

Students who take online courses are able to get their questions answered, even if they normally have trouble asking questions in class. The online environment provides a level of anonymity that shy or quiet students need. When preparing for these important tests, a thorough understanding of the course material is crucial, and technology-based tutoring and learning programs provide students with that ability.

3. Greater Repetition

Repetition aids learning, and online learning provides more repetition than traditional learning environments. Students can work through interactive and self-paced lessons and practice tests, ensuring a better grasp of the concepts and attain a better overall preparation for the test. Students who take online prep courses know exactly what to expect when they take the actual test, and can practice as much as they need to for full preparation.

4. Access to a Wider Range of InstructorsDo You Know Why Students Prefer Online Learning?

Online test prep programs are designed with the help of testing experts and provide access to a wide range of instructors. Rather than being placed with one teacher or tutor, and limiting yourself to the understanding and help offered by that individual, studying online allows you to benefit from programs created by a team of teachers and testing experts.

If you or your child is facing the ACT or SAT in the coming months, online preparation can provide the flexibility and well-rounded training they need to be fully prepared. With the right online learning platform, students can walk into the test with confidence, knowing that they have the knowledge to do well.


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