Have you heard of Duolingo yet? No? Then stop reading this article and go to the Duolingo app on your tablet or smartphone or www.duolingo.com on your computer right now. I am learning Spanish on Duolingo. All by myself. Quickly. Italian is next. My twin five year olds love it. They walk around the house reciting phrases in Spanish. Appropriately. And my five year old daughter has special needs. Doesn't matter. Duolingo is perfect for her.

A college professor studied the effectiveness of Duolingo and found that a student who spends 34 hours on Duolingo learns as much Spanish as a student who spends a semester in a Spanish class.girlsgirlsgirls-thumb_(1)

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Technology is changing the world. It is starting to really supplement and assist traditional teaching and learning. Maybe even transform it. For a quick peek, check out Duolingo. If you are a parent, try it with one of your children. Either way, it's like getting a glimpse of the future. If you want to learn more, check out this USA Today article about Duolingo being named Apple's Choice for 2013 App of the Year. Or check out this link to read a study by a college professor about the surprising effectiveness of Duolingo.

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