Math_SAT_PracticeAre you struggling to do your math homework and counting on others to help you? If you are having a difficult time keeping up with other students in math there are a few options that can help you improve your test scores. You may have a hard time with your homework because of the multiple steps in math, or you may forget how to do a problem, but there are more options for online tutoring that will help you excel in math.

Learning Math on YouTube

If you are having trouble with fractions or any math subject rather, you can watch videos of the math subject on YouTube.  There are different math topics and a number of teachers and tutors on there who will walk you through the math problems.  If you are still having problems, you can watch another video on the same topic made by a different person.

Download a Study Guide

If you are trying to get into college and have to take the ACT or SAT, you can get a free study guide to help you prepare for certain parts of the test. If math is your weakest subject, a study guide will help you get an idea of what type of problems will be on the test so you can focus more on areas in math that are challenging.

Hiring an Online Tutor

You may have a busy schedule or a hard time finding an affordable tutor who can meet up with you at a certain time, which is why the internet and Skype is a great tool to help you get the tutoring you need at a time that is right for you.  There are affordable tutors that will help you online so that you can get individual help.  If you have access to a computer with a webcam you can set up a Skype account and start finding a reputable tutor that can help you with your math homework.  You can compare prices to see which ones are the most affordable and have the best reviews.

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