act online prepThe ACT is a timed test, with a limited amount of time to complete some of the most difficult test questions you've probably ever faced! This isn't entirely fair to those of who think slowly but deeply. After all, both intelligence and education have more to do with how effectively you think than with how quickly you think. 

True as that may be, the ACT is still a timed test. It would be a shame to score lower, just because time ran out on you. 

That's why ACT test prep online can help: ACT prep online is designed to help you think more quickly (among other things).  

ACT online prep helps you in a number of ways. Here are 3 of the biggest ways it helps you to think faster. 

1. ACT Online Prep Gets Your Mind in Test-Taking Shape, Which Makes it Work Faster 

One way that ACT online prep helps students think faster is by training your brain to work in a certain way over and over again. It does this on a general “exercise principle.” 

The more you practice physical activities, the faster (and better) you get. Your brain works in a similar way: the more you practical mental activities and certain ways of thinking, the faster (and better) you get! 

Systematic training also make conscious processes, unconscious. This means that they “run in the background” of your mind, instead of you having to take the effort to think about them. When your brain works this way, it doesn't just make learning and test-taking quicker―it also makes these tasks much easier. 

2. ACT Prep Online Strengthens the Weak Areas that Normally Slow you Down  

In addition to an overall “mental fitness course” that gets you in test-taking shape, ACT prep online also helps strengthen your weak areas. It does this by providing test prep for every specific part of the test, and not just general brain exercises. 

This is great for anyone who's ever said, “I love reading, but I'm not so good at math,” or “Math and science are easy, but questions about what I've read don't ever make sense!”  

Most of us slow down when it comes to tasks we're not great at. This is partly due to the extra effort it takes, and partly from a lack of confidence. ACT prep online will strengthen your brain in those areas that need strengthening. Since an ACT prep course will give you strategies and practice in your weakest areas, you'll be able to maintain your test taking speed and avoid the typical slow down.  

3. ACT Test Prep Online Boosts Confidence – Which Can Increase Speed  

People who are more confident about what they are doing, do it more quickly and easily than people who don't feel confident. This goes for the ACT test in the same way it does for driving, speaking in front of an audience, playing a musical instrument, or playing any sport 

ACT test prep online also makes you more confident because: 

  • You'll know the type of questions you'll be facing.
  • The test becomes less mysterious and intimidating.
  • You'll feel confident enough to make efficient decisions and stick with them, instead of agonizing over every question.

Confidence, mental exercise, and strength in your weak areas are three of the biggest ways that ACT online prep help your brain work more quickly. There are other benefits as well. Finding out just what those benefits are will help you not just on your ACT, but through college and the rest of your high school career. 


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