ACT test prepThe written portion of the ACT test is one that strikes fear in the hearts of many students, but there is a way to remedy that. Practice! ACT test prep can help you gain a great deal of confidence when you practice writing timed essays on a weekly basis. As you go through your dry runs, be sure to follow the below tips for increased proficiency.

Read the instructions

So often, students will briefly skim or simply skip the instructions. Following the instructions will ensure that your essay will be completed properly. It would be unfortunate to lose points for simple mistakes like skipping lines or writing in the margins.

Watch your time

There is only half an hour in which to do the writing portion for the ACT, so be sure to use your time wisely. Schedule your time by spending the first 5 minutes reading instructions, reviewing the topic and brainstorming. The next 20 minutes should be dedicated to writing. Utilize your last 5 minutes for revising, proofreading and editing your work. Be sure to follow the same schedule when practice writing in the weeks and months before your test date. This way, it will be second nature on test day.

Carefully study the topic

Read through the topic and think about the direction you will take when writing about it. Look for keywords that will help you organize and develop ideas for writing your essay.

Outline your thoughts

After reading through the topic, quickly brainstorm and jot down your ideas. Develop a point of view, and decide on how you will support it in an orderly way.

Write your essay

Begin with a strong first sentence or two that clearly states your main points. Use the rest of your essay to reinforce your ideas with facts and examples. Be sure that your message is presented in a logical order that makes sense to the reader. Do not use any large vocabulary words if you are not sure of their meaning. Also, be certain to follow the rules of standard written English.

Review your work

Once complete, read through your essay. Make sure that it is informative and on topic. Refrain from repeating the same ideas by using different verbiage. Proofread all of your work for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Remember to relax!

Throughout this portion of the test, breathe deep and compose yourself. Don’t let stress take over from the start. Also, don’t panic toward the end of the test if you are running out of time. Remember, one well-crafted sentence that emphasizes your main point will suffice as an acceptable conclusion.

The ACT test, particularly the written portion of the exam, does not have to be difficult or daunting. You can gain a significant advantage by applying yourself toward ACT test prep on a continuous basis. You should practice writing as often as possible. This, along with utilizing the above tips will give you the confidence and ability to score well and bring you one step closer to the college of your choice.


Image Credit : Calmenda/Flickr