StudentsUtilizing technology to learn is becoming the “norm” in our rapidly changing society. Never before in the history of the world has it been so easy to simply get in touch with information. Engaging students in the learning process using technology is a method that can both capture their attention and inspire a deeper participation in the process.  

This is true for SAT and ACT preparations and testing as well. Many types of students respond positively to computer based teaching methods. In some cases, students really enjoy using software programs to learn rather than just listening to lectures. Digital learning platforms often offer more immediate data on progress as well. And the allure of new technology is something that many students need just to keep themselves focused and engaged.  

Any way you look at it, students and technology are moving forward hand in hand. 

An App for All Occasions 

An endless number of studies have taken a close look at how students learn. Parents, teachers and employers are looking for ways to engage and hold the attention of teens. Technology is a major focal point for this age group. This is apparent to anyone observing teens today as they juggle apps for nearly everything known to man (include SAT and ACT test prep) on their smartphones between classes, or during any other free moment of the day.  

Their fascination with technology may just be their golden ticket to success with standardized test prep. Engaging online classes, video conferencing and real-time progress monitoring appeal to these technical teens. Information is the highway to...well anywhere. And if students understand that they can use technology to improve their SAT or ACT test scores, they will engage.  

To the Head of the Class 

Being lost in a sea of confusing information while sitting in the back of the class is a classic experience for students. Online learning significantly reduces the possibility of that happening. Students must engage with the computer (or smartphone) itself to make any progress. A basic level of engagement and navigation through an online class is already better than being lost in a daydream in the back of the class.  

Online resources are vast and at the fingertips of these students. They are very technologically savvy, which makes engaging their attention even easier with apps and digital platforms. Again, getting their attention is half the battle.   And they are always hungry for something new, so new technological advances by online test prep programs will keep them interested. 

All the Bells and Whistles  

For SAT and ACT test prep specifically, there are a myriad of online tools available, in addition to classes. There are practice tests, of course, that have the accompanying scoring guides given by the College Board itself, and other test prep companies. And the College Board’s test simulator and online checklists help students organize their study preparations online. In addition, Method Test Prep’s own solution can help students engage with test material with their computers. Students + technology can equal better test scores, especially for those students who are conscious of the opportunities online learning offers.  


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