technologyTechnology is transforming the way teachers teach. As children becoming increasingly more engaged with technology at home and at school, it’s important to stay on top of the newest trends and latest studies. Here’s our must-read suggestions for this month.  

Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012: The Flipped Classroom

Education is radically changing its perception of what is possible, acceptable and how it meets the demands of the new generation of the digital age. Technology is marching into the classroom and turning traditional models on their heads- and many people seem like it. 

The Year of the MOOC

Massive open online courses have swept the country this year as elite educators open their virtual doors to everyone through collaborative partnerships with companies who set up the online courses. These classes offer no significant course credit from the participating educational institutions, but do give students the opportunity to get a taste of Ivy League material, with some charging fees for the courses. How the process changes over time will be important to note, especially since some of it is still being offered for free.  

Interview | Laura Pappano, Sense-Making and the Year of Disruption 

Author of The Year of the MOOC discusses her take on the future, looks back over this year’s trends and talks about what questions really need to be asked. The big ideas of online education, the changing model of traditional “students” and who has access to certain modes of learning are all discuss by Ms. Pappano, who has been writing about education for over 20 years. 

Teaching a Distracted Generation to Focus

This could be the question of the century: how to keep kids focused? The evolution of technology is really one of the most inspiring and yet distracting concepts pulling adolescents attention in a million directions. How will they deal with the future of increased online schooling and work while apps, games and information overload vy for their attention?

New Survey Highlights Best Practices For Online Learning Programs

Online learning is getting more attention, organization and focus as it becomes a greater part of America’s educational platform. Educators are more concerned than ever about reporting, technical support, teacher availability and modified learning modules for students of all learning levels.  

With this reading list, you’ll be on top of the newest education technology trends.


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