Teacher Led ClassesOnline classes are already a superiorly convenient way for students to take classes, learn and thrive in our busy and fast paced world. Teacher-led online classes are even better. Here’s why. 


One of the biggest reasons that students don’t prepare for the ACT or SAT is because they don’t have them time. Setting aside time for studying is essential to scoring well. However, in addition to good scores, students need top grades and well-rounded student resume that requires plenty of extracurricular activities. What is a busy student to do? 

Online, teacher-led classes are terrific for students because they can fit into a student’s schedule. There’s no travel time or preparation involved in order to attend the class. All students have to do is sit in front of their computer and schedule time to study on their own. It’s convenient and effective.  


In order for students to really learn, they need to form a connection to their work. A teacher-led online course gives students this connection to a human at the other end of the computer, and thus they are less likely to get lost in cyberspace.  

Research indicates teacher-led classes are where students really excel. Even at a distance and over the digital divide, students can see, hear and interact with their instructors. This is the best of both the traditional classroom and the digital classroom.  

Students form a relationship with their teacher and have a picture of them in their minds and hear their voices, even while working remotely. They can then use this picture and voice of their teacher to develop the capacity to follow through on completing assignments while they work independently outside of class time. Cyberspace can be lonely without that friendly face. And, even worse, students can become detached from the sense of responsibility necessary to finish and submit assignments on time.  


Students are always learning; not only curriculum material, but also life skills. Developing the connection to their work with the help of their online teacher will also help them begin creating a level of accountability that is valuable in future work. Because so many assignments in college and business are now being completed virtually, it is imperative that young adults learn how to manage this kind of work in this kind of work environment. Time management and communication are by far the two most important skills students can learn to prepare them for the “real (virtual) world” that exists after high school. An online teacher-led class can be a gentle introduction to this kind of environment, and can offer a glimpse into the differences between virtual classrooms and brick and mortar ones.  

Teacher-led online courses can truly prepare students for the learning and working worlds beyond high school. The enthusiastic “teacher in the flesh” is really necessary for students to learn best. Now teachers can reach out across the internet and meet students where ever they are and help them excel, which is great for today’s students!


photo credit : Mrs. Gemstone