Ivy League SchoolsEach year the top colleges and universities are ranked by countless sources. This year ForbesTop 10 Schools list was compiled using the consumer rating point of view and looking at success after graduation, student satisfaction, debt and graduation rates. Though these are the “top” schools, there are a plethora of excellent, accredited schools in America that can meet the academic goals of every student. 

1. PrincetonUniversity is the jewel of New Jersey. The real world performance of its graduates has it in the top spot this year according to Forbes. It’s not surprising its stringent admissions requirements walk hand in hand with that of Harvard, Yale and Stanford: 4.0 GPA, average 2100 SAT scores and an ACT score of approximately 30. But maybe this year’s #1 ranking also has something to do with the editor-in-chief of Forbes, Steve Forbes, is a Princeton grad? 

2. WilliamsCollege is the highest ranked liberal arts college on the list and last year’s #1. Tucked into the “purple mountains” of Massachusetts, its students perform at the same standards held by its Ivy League pal Princeton. Though an A- average may be acceptable, the average SAT score is still 2100, and ACT score of 30 are required for admissions. About 20% of applications are accepted. 

3. StanfordUniversity is by far the crowning jewel of the West. Although not part of the Ivy League, this private school is consistently ranked in the top 5 schools. It holds the same critically high academic admission requirements: 4.0 GPA, average 2100 SAT scores and an ACT score of 30. Its graduates have gone on to great success: William Hewlett, David Packard, the founders of Google and Tiger Woods to name a few. 

4. UniversityofChicago boasts impressive alums like David Rockefeller Sr. and Larry Ellison. President Barack Obama was a senior (adjunct) lecturer in their law school from 1992-2004. Social sciences, science and humanities are the focus areas of study here. 20% of students are admitted each year, with at least an A- GPA, a 2000 SAT and 28 ACT score. 

5. YaleUniversity is always among the top ranked schools because of the performance of its graduates and its reputation for excellence. It has graduated 5 presidents during its tenure and is always in step in the rankings and admissions requirements with its Ivy League friends Harvard and Princeton. 

6. Harvardis one of the most sought after schools in the world. It also boasts the narrowest number of acceptances of any school in America. Because of these attributes, the admissions department at Harvard is on the lookout for students who possess more than perfect 4.0 GPAs, SAT (2100 and above) and ACT (approx. 30) scores. 

7. TheUnitedStatesMilitaryAcademyat West Point is the only public liberal arts college on our list that does not charge tuition. Graduates pay for their education through a commitment to serving their country for 5 years after graduation. Prospective students must add physical fitness and leadership in addition to top GPAs and test scores to be admitted here. 

8. ColumbiaUniversity is one of the 8 Ivy League schools in America. This private university located in New York City has graduated presidents Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, as well as 9 Supreme Court justices. No doubting why they are on this list, with admissions requirements the same as its chums Harvard, Yale and Princeton. 

9. PomonaCollege is part of the consortium of Claremont Colleges. This prestigious Southern California School is known for its dynamic Liberal Arts programs, nurturing learning environment and beneficial consortium, with students able to take classes at the seven other associated Claremont colleges and universities. They accept nearly 14% of applicants with A grade point averages, 2100 on SATs and 31 on ACTs. 

10. SwarthmoreCollege, another acclaimed Liberal Arts college, is located near Philadelphia and is also part of a consortium of nearby schools Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges and the University of Pennsylvania. Its admissions standards are very similar to those of Pomona: An average, 2000 or higher on the SAT and 30 or higher on their ACTs. 20% of graduates earn Ph.Ds. 

Do you have your eyes set on one of the top 10? Be sure you have the SAT scores and ACT scores to get you there!