test prep tipsDiet affects everything – even test prep! Over the last 20 years, there has been more evidence than ever that shows how diet is linked to performance. Students can take charge of what they eat to give themselves a clearer mind and stronger performance on the ACT and SAT.

The following slideshows give a beautiful picture of the foods students can eat to fuel their studies and prepare them for the big testing day. Healthy eating for brainpower can boost testing success!

Top 10 Brain Foods for Children

This list of the 10 super foods kids can eat to help increase focus and concentration is a great starting place for anyone hoping to improve performance on standardized tests through diet. Simple and clear descriptions of each food make it easy to understand why eating them is smart. And each slide contains recipes too!

The Best Brain Foods

Packed with helpful info on each of their recommended brain boosting foods, this article really covers the bases of eating for a healthy brain. It is also loaded with details about each food group as well. Sink your teeth into this article and start building your brainpower.

Brain Foods that Help You Concentrate

This article gives modern tips to boost concentration by eating the right kinds of foods. Students will benefit from understanding the correlation between these foods and their brain’s performance. Be sure to read the final slide specifically because it gives great pre-test taking tips too!

10 Super Foods to Boost Your Brain Power

Beautiful photos of foods containing health enhancing properties that can increase brain function fill this slideshow. It is also packed with specific nutritional information about each food. Contains a few not commonly thought of healthy brain-powering foods too, like acorn squash.

Brain Health: Food for the Aging Brain

Though this article specifically states it’s for the aging brain, it is also a good indicator of the relationship between long term brain health and diet. Many of the foods contained here are also contained in all of the brain food slideshows above too. Add that up, and this is a recipe of how to help and keep the brain healthy and prepared for tasks like standardized testing at any age.

What about you? Do you have any favorite foods to eat during test prep or before the test? Share your favorites below!