summer jobs for teensWhen President Obama created the Summer Jobs+ program he was well aware of the need to give high school students a chance to work for the summer. "America's young people face record unemployment, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they've got the opportunity to earn the skills and a work ethic that come with a job. It's important for their future and for America's…" President Obama

The President has been busy creating the Summer Jobs+ list of partner companies who are offering opportunities to the youngest members of our work force. Even celebrities are chiming in on the Summer Jobs+ blog with their "first job" experiences.

And across the web there are those who say creating your own ideal and original money making venture is the way to go. There are also organizations focused on giving unique summer employment opportunities to teens that will enliven their spirits, teach job skills and prepare them for the working world that waits after graduation.

Below are a collection of ideas, perspectives and potential unique summer job experiences for your high school students.  

12 Fun Summer Jobs for Teens

This list of teen-centered jobs is full of potential for high school students looking to make a little money while having a lot of fun. Check out the “5 Tips to land a Summer Job” at the end too. Tons of juice ideas and prospects found here!    

Titan's Serve Up Snow Cones

Who doesn’t love a good snow cone? But who thought of “Snow Cone Maker” as their next big job title? Well the teens at Hidden Valley High in Roanoke, VA are dishing about their summer jobs, and yes there are professional snow cone makers among them.

Through the Backdoor to Find the Best Summer Jobs serves up a comprehensive listing of cool summer jobs for teens. From summer camps to dude ranches to space camp, this site brings together job opportunities from across the country and around the world in one easy to navigate site. Dubbed "short-term jobs,” one these unique positions are sure to fit perfectly into the summer plans of the adventurous teen.

Hot diggity dog! 15 Summer job ideas!

Check out these hot summer job ideas for high school students 15 and older. Before jumping into the list thoughtfully lays out the ground rules for launching into the summer of entrepreneurial love for your teen. They paint a clear picture of the gumption it takes to kick start your teen’s next big idea into a unique money making summer venture.

15 Part-time Jobs for High School Students

Teens looking to save some time for fun this summer may consider a part-time job to help make a little summertime cash. This impressively traditional list of teen-ready jobs offers excellent food for thought. Teens are sure to find one of these jobs an appealing and fun way to whistle while they work this summer.