get into your dream schoolIs a student in your life preparing for the SAT or ACT? Scoring well on one of these tests can be the difference between them getting into their dream school and settling for their second choice. It’s important that the student takes the time to prepare for the test. They need to understand the format of the test, know the general subject areas that are going to be covered and develop strategies for getting through the test on time.

There are dozens of choices when it comes time to prep for these tests. Practice tests are provided by both testing companies. Students can get books written specifically for the tests and do DIY test prep at home. There are even live classes that walk students through the test prep process. But the advent of online learning has brought a new form of test prep that is more streamlined, convenient and accessible.

Tech-based test prep takes the best of college test prep and merges it with online learning tools to make the experience more efficient and effective for high school students. ACT prep software or SAT prep online can give your students an edge. Here are four advantages to tech-based test prep compared to other forms of test prep.


1. Self Paced Learning

Unlike SAT or ACT prep classes, online learning can take place a student’s pace. Sometimes in large classrooms, students can get behind and miss out on important details that can make a major difference in their final score. With SAT or ACT prep software, students can follow their own rhythm so they get enough exposure to the subject areas and question types that they need the most. 


2. Accountability 

Getting a physical practice test or buying a book is definitely self paced, but there’s a missing component that online learning can offer – accountability. With ACT or SAT prep online, it’s easy for students to stay on track and see exactly how much time they need to devote to their prep program. 


3. More Affordable Costs

The biggest difference between a live classroom setting and SAT or ACT prep software is the cost. Test prep classes can cost upwards of $1000 – and that’s only for one set of sessions. If a student needs more help, their parents are going to have to invest more money. Of course, this high priced route isn’t an option for many families. Tech-based test prep can be more effective than live classroom learning, and it can help cut costs as well. This makes it a great choice for students from all walks of life.


4. Customized Learning

ACT or SAT prep online can give students a much more customized experience. Not only is the learning self paced, as noted above, online learning platforms can be entirely customized to emphasize certain types of test questions and different subject areas. Students will get a lot more out of their learning experience by having a test prep course that is geared toward their personal strengths and weaknesses. 

With tech-based test prep, students will have the customized, self-paced experience that can produce better results. Out of all of the test prep options available, tech-based solutions offer multiple advantages that can bring better test scores.