choosing sat prep classBefore you can really dig in and start studying, it's wise to choose an SAT prep course that suits you. If your prep course doesn't work well with your schedule, learning style, or strengths and weaknesses, you're not likely to spend the time with it necessary to improve your score. To help you evaluate potential SAT prep courses, we've put together a few questions.

1. Does the course fit with my schedule? Classroom-style prep courses work great for some people, but if you're heavily involved in extracurricular activities or if you have a substantial homework load, it's a good idea to find a prep course you can do on your own time. Online courses can be used any time and any place you happen to be when you have a few minutes to study.

2. Does the course offer specific feedback? If you can quickly hone in on your weakest areas, you can spend your precious study time learning how to tackle those difficult sections. But you can't figure out where to focus your energy if your prep course doesn't offer specific, immediate feedback. 

3. Does the course offer tutoring for topics you struggle with? Once you've figured out your weak areas, it's important to make sure you learn and understand those topics before you take the test. Some people are good at learning on their own, but it's always helpful to have professional help available to explain concepts in depth. This professional help can be a real live person, a written explanation, or a video of a person explaining a topic.

4. Does the course offer you a game plan? Studying for the SAT can seem like an overwhelming task, but if you find an SAT prep course that gives you a plan to follow, you can simply work through the checklists and tasks and know you've covered everything.

Use these questions as you choose a prep course, and once you find your course, you can begin studying in earnest. Your conscientious preparation will give you the confidence you need to do well on the test.


Photo by kristin-and-adam