The ACT prep software offered by Method Test Prep allows students to study for the ACT in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The software saves students valuable time by taking out much of the “paperwork,” including grading, evaluation, and scheduling. For example, MTP’s ACT prep software breaks down the student’s study schedule into 20 weeks of work. Each week is further broken down into a group of tasks that includes evaluation tests, lessons, practice questions, and full length exams. Most tasks are approximately 15 min long, making them easy to fit into a student’s busy schedule. By having the schedule constructed in this fashion, the student realizes that studying for the ACT is feasible, and that doing well on it is an obtainable goal. The student can feel confident that if she finishes all the tasks, she will see a vast improvement in her test score. 

The ACT prep software also tracks the student’s progress and shows where work needs to be done. In the “scores by concept” section, a student can see how many questions they got right in each of the four areas tested: English, math, reading, and science. Furthermore, the ACT prep software offers full-length practice exams, and then translates the student’s performance into the ACT scaled score.  

Another useful tool in the ACT prep software is the vocabulary builder. This is a great way for a student to quickly build her word repertoire. The vocabulary builder offers an expansive list of commonly tested words on the ACT, as well as a corresponding quiz option. The quizzes are concise, allowing the student to learn many words in a short period of time. The vocabulary quiz is great when a student has a few minutes of down time here or there. Why not make use of that time with a quick study session?! MTP’s ACT prep software is a valuable resource for students. 

Photo by theodorescott.