raise the score

A commonly asked question by students preparing for the SAT is: “By how many points can I reasonably expect to raise my score”?  Naturally the answer to this question will depend on the time and energy you spend on preparation for the test, as well as the quality of that preparation.  A realistic goal for all students to aim for is to increase their score by at least 50 points on each section.  This translates to an increase of 150 points on your composite score.  Many students take the PSAT with little or no preparation, and their scores reflect this.  Since each correct answer on the SAT is equivalent to 10 additional points on your score, it is easy to see how focused preparation can lead to this 50 point increase.  In many cases, becoming familiar with important strategies and devoting ample time to learning how to apply them will lead to an even more dramatic increase. 

Photo by f_shields.