What's a "good" SAT score and how many questions do I need to get right to achieve that score?  

These are two important questions I get from students and parents all of the time.  The national average for the SAT is approximately 1530. Broken down, this means that the national average for reading is around 510, math- 510, and writing- 510. A "good" SAT score in any of the three areas is 600. If a student earns a 600 on each of the three sections, they will end up with an overall SAT score of 1800.  

The following chart gives an approximation of how many questions a student needs to get right to get a certain score:

good sat score

*A student’s writing score is a combination of how they do on the multiple-choice grammar questions, which account for 70% of a student’s writing score, and how they do on the essay, which accounts for 30% of a student’s writing score. The chart above gives scores based on the number of multiple-choice questions they answer correctly combined with an essay score of 8 out of 12.