race to nowhereThe new documentary focusing on the pressures high school students face is making waves in communities across the country.  The film is getting a lot of attention on the heels of the incredible success of "Waiting For Superman" which highlighted the failures of America's public school system. A recent NYT article highlights the movie and the parent support for the film.  The article most interestingly mentions that the part parents play in adding to the stress remains "somewhat unexamined" in the film. 

Debate about the efficacy of our education system has become increasingly contentious as the US ponders the way forward that will help prepare our children to be competitive in an increasingly complex global environment.  It is no secret that compared to other nations, test scores of US students have been on a downward trend for many years and educators have serious concerns about how this will affect the US economy in decades to come.

We encourage all parents, students and educators to make an honest effort to become as informed as possible on these matters as the decisions produced by this debate will effect all of us.  Below are the links for the NY Times article about the movie as well as a link with information about how to attend a screening in your area.  As always, the most interesting part of the NYT articles are the discussions in the "comments" section.

Parents Embrace Documentary on Pressures of School

Race To Nowhere

Have any of you seen the movie? What are your thoughts on the pressures high school students face today?