dreamstime 15278793Preparing for the SAT is often a daunting task for high school students and their parents.  Many students find traditional SAT prep classes don’t fit into their schedule, while at the same time, parents find these classes are just too expensive to work into the family budget.  The good news is SAT preparation online can be much less expensive yet just as effective as attending a traditional SAT prep class.  


Top Two Considerations


One of the most important things to consider when evaluating SAT preparation online is how much time you are willing to commit to it and how much time is the preparation company asking for.  In our experience, students are likely to complete more SAT preparation online when they only have to prep for 15-20 minutes at a time.  That’s why we have created the Method Test Prep “Raise your Score” checklist.  Each item on our check list takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.  The other piece of good news is that there are only 4 items per week on the checklist.  So for those of you who are paying attention, we’re asking students to complete about 1 to 1½ hours of test prep a week.  Does this seem manageable to you? 


Another important thing to consider is the cost associated with preparing for the SAT.  Prior to SAT preparation online the only real options were to attend an expensive prep class or to work with an expensive tutor.  That’s not the case anymore, now a days you can find SAT preparation online anywhere from free to over $1500 per student.  


We always tell families to use caution whenever a company is giving something away for free because as we all know nothing in life is free.  Most companies who give test prep away for free are selling the students information to the highest bidder.  Ever wonder where all that junk mail was coming from?  As for the overly expensive online SAT preparation courses, let’s just say they haven’t realized that the internet is supposed to make things more accessible and less expensive, not the other way around.


With Method Test Prep you get the best of both worlds.  We start every subscription off with a two week free trial.  Then, once you’ve seen how effective our courses are, it’s only $39.99 a month.  You can cancel at any time.  Most families choose to use our online courses for 3 months, that’s only $120.  When it comes time for you to prepare for the SAT please consider exploring SAT preparation online.