dictionary2 resized 600Gone are the days of picking up an ACT or SAT study guide from the library. You know, like one of those physical, big books that was full of printed information about the tests.

Nowadays, students can prepare for the ACT and SAT with apps available for their smartphones and tablets. And these apps are especially useful when it comes to studying vocabulary, so you don’t have to haul around vocab cards or even a dictionary.

These are some of the top-rated vocabulary apps to help you study for the SAT and ACT:

1. MindSnacks  

This development company has an app called SAT Vocab specifically aimed at high school students undergoing SAT prep, though the app is likely just as beneficial to ACT prep students, as well. The app is free to download and use; requires an iPhone or iPad.

2. PowerVocab

For Android users, this vocabulary app is one of your better options. Free to use, it allows you to practice your vocabulary alone or compete against other online players. It also includes several types of vocab games, including word scramble, spelling bee, word search, and hangman. 

3. Vocabador

Though it’s not free, Vocabador is one of the most popular vocabulary apps for students looking to have fun while improving their grasp of English words. It costs $1.99 and is available for students who use Apple products.

4. IntelliVocab

This app is interesting because it was developed by college students at MIT and is based on research about artificial intelligence and machine learning. In other words, the app customizes your learning experience the more you play! 

5. Words, Words, Words  

Here’s another one for you Android users! This vocab app has over 2000 words for you to learn, with increasing difficulty the farther you go along. 

6. AccelaStudy Vocabulary Builder

This iPhone/iPad app is similar to many of the previous ones listed here in that it provides sufficient ACT prep and SAT prep, but it’s unique in that it lets you create your own “study sets,” so you can focus on words that you would like to work on the most.

7. SAT Vocab 

This one’s last because of the high price tag ($9.99). However, it’s one of the top-rated vocabulary apps in the entire iTunes Store, and consistently gets reviews from users that say they’ve learned how to study faster. This is because the app asks users how well they knew an answer, and proceeds to optimize their learning experience.

There’s no real reason for you to pick up an old-school book version of SAT or ACT study guides anymore, especially not for your vocabulary. Instead, any of these vocabulary apps will help you find success on the final tests!

Are there other vocab apps you use that you find more useful than any of these?