edit2 resized 600Technology is making it easier than ever to get work done efficiently, and this is no different for students heading to school this fall. If you like working on digital devices, whether it’s on a smart phone, tablet, or computer, you’ve got several great app options (all free!) at your fingertips to help you keep track of your fall semester!



  1. Evernote

    Taking notes isn’t just for regular paper anymore. Use Evernote to take notes, make to-do lists, create voice reminders, take pictures of your textbooks and notes, etc. All information is completely searchable, and the app is can be accessed across all platforms (computer, tablet, and smartphone).
  2. Dropbox

    An online cloud storage solution, Dropbox makes it easy to access your files from any device you install the program. So for example, if you’re at school but forgot to take your USB drive with you, all you need to do is save your file to your Dropbox folder, and you can access the file from your home computer!
  3. MyHomework

    This app helps you keep track of all your courses as well as the homework for each one. Everything is color-coded according to due date, and it can be synced with a computer to ensure you’ve got all the information you need no matter where you’re at.
  4. Google Calendar

    Yes, it seems a bit too easy and not like a “cool” app at all, but Google Calendars is one of the easiest, best ways to keep track of your appointments, events, and even daily tasks. The calendar even has an option to allow multiple users (think about starting a family calendar to keep your entire family on track), and it can send you email reminders when an event is nearing.
  5. ToDoMatrix

    If you’re the kind of student who wants to highly prioritize your tasks and events, consider using ToDoMatrix. It only allows you to enter 30 items at a time (so you’re more likely to get them done and off the list to make room for more), organized according to folder and priority.
  6. Instapaper

    Have you ever found a great website that would be useful for an upcoming project or paper, but you didn’t have time to read it? This app lets you save websites for you to read later, much like bookmarking. You can even save blog posts for later reading, and picks from your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.
  7. Flipboard

    When you need to relax and catch up on the news, consider using Flipboard. This magazine-style app curates the most popular stories being shared on the web, and you can even browse stories your friends are sharing from their social media feeds. This is a great way to find resources for any upcoming homework, too!
These of course only brush the surface of available apps out there, and we haven’t even mentioned any course-specific ones (like the Duolingo app that lets you learn languages for free). If you find an app that works better for you, share it in the comments below and spread the word!