first_semester_collegeThe long, lazy days of summer have come to an end, and school is back in session. If you have a student that will be graduating this year, it is probably hard for you to believe that they are already seniors in high school. It's hard to imagine how the time flew by so fast. 

However, fair warning, if you think the 17 years that led to this year passed by quickly, you will be astounded at how quickly this senior year flashes past. With that in mind, you need to encourage your student to spend a little time every day with SAT prep. Just 20 minutes a day will make a big difference, if they start right now.

Begin with vocabulary. Ask your student to learn 3 new words a day from the SAT vocab list. After learning a few new words, your student can make a routine of spending the rest of their twenty minutes taking practice tests for the SAT. Alternate between math days, critical reading days, and writing days so the studying doesn't get boring. Your student should be seeing improvements on their practice exams every month.

Studying for a test this important can feel pretty overwhelming. If you want to be sure that you child gets the best practice possible, give them the tools they need for success. Method Test Prep specializes in helping students prepare for the SAT. You will be certain they know the material and are confident with the style of the test, when they have the help of our expert tutors.

Please contact us to give your students an edge as they study for an exam that can impact their future success. Don't put it off, trust us, this year will be over quicker than you can say conflagration.

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