When it comes to your child's education, you probably started trusting your child to take care of their own homework responsibilities as they entered their teenage years. You trust their teachers to prepare your children for life beyond high school, and you trust your child to accomplish the goals set before them or shoulder the responsibility for neglecting to do so.

Letting your child grow in independence is excellent in most areas of their life. However, when it comes to preparing to take the SAT, a hands-off approach as a parent may be the wrong strategy.

ComplimentaryOneHour.pngDifferent schools handle SAT preparation in different ways. Some schools offer no SAT preparation programs whatsoever. The test is not an intuitive test for the majority of students. It is formatted differently from most of the tests they encounter in their schooling careers. So, not only do students need to prepare for the content of the tests, they also need to be exposed to the style of the test. 

Some schools have an SAT preparation program, but the students have to take the initiative to sign up for the program in a career or counseling center. You will have to encourage your student to find out what resources are available to them at their school. 

You can supplement your child's school preparation plan, if they have one at all, with online SAT prep for your child. Online SAT prep lets your child go at their own pace and gives them the practice they need to do well. Many studies have shown a strong correlation between the amount of preparation students do before the SAT and the scores they earn on the SAT.

If you would like information on an SAT prep program you can trust to help your child succeed, please contact us.