Scoring well on the ACT increases your chances of getting accepted to more colleges and universities and increases the amount of academic merit aid you will receive.

It is important to stay updated on any changes.

Here are four easy ways to make sure you have the latest information:

#1. Check the ACT’s Official Page

The ACT has created a special page dedicated to answering all of the Frequently Asked Questions around changes to ACT test dates

There are answers to questions about upcoming test dates, registration details, test center availability and capacity, priority fee waivers, and opportunities for international students to take the ACT.

#2: Make Sure Your ACT account is updated...

And make sure you have “checked the box” to receive email updates from ACT. They will email you directly with any important changes you need to be aware of.

Reading these emails is an easy way to ensure you don’t miss any important updates or changes.

#3. Contact ACT Customer Support

Sometimes it is necessary to contact ACT directly, either via email or phone. Here is the College Board contact info:

Email: Contact ACT Support

Phone (domestic): 319-337-1270

#4. Sign up for the Method Test Prep Blog

Any information you need about the ACT (or SAT) can be found in our blog. And when you register for our blog, you will automatically get an email when we write a new post. “What is the difference between test-optional and test-blind?”, “what is a good ACT or SAT score?”, and “what does a test prep expert advise for the Class of 2021 or the Class of 2022?” are some examples of the kinds of questions you will get answers to in our blog.