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Places to Go and Things to Do Before School Starts


Test Prep SummerThe places you must go before school starts are important. In addition to the salon for the new hair cut and mall for the new shoes and new “first day” outfit, there are a few other places that you can visit for some last minute fun. Some are as close as your own backyard and others will take you to places of wonder and excitement. So dust off your walking shoes, backpack and tent. And think about getting out the suitcases and gassing up the station wagon for one a last summer adventure, before you have to get ready for this year’s ACT test prep and SAT test prep. (Hint: Wallyworld is not on the list.)

A Must See Summer Destination List

Be prepared for amazement. Be ready for excitement. And be ready to hit the road with this “must see” list of the 10 most important places your kid should see. It’s safe to say that this list is for the whole family. Dust off the backpack, suitcase and station wagon for a top 10 list of all time great places to go before school starts.

10 Fun "To Dos" Before School Starts

Want to know how to make the most of the waning days of summer? Here’s a list that’s sure to have at least one of your favorites! If you don’t feel like going anywhere, this list even includes some ideas for staying in – like a movie marathon, finishing a big project or throwing a pool party.

The End of the "End of Summer" Blues!

Here are some tips on avoiding the end of summer blues. Tune in for some fun tips to turn that “last days of summer” frown upside down, and enjoy a few more good times before school starts. While this list is geared toward younger kids, there are definitely some ideas for teens that will fit the bill.

Must Visits In Your Own Backyard

Inspirations of your own can come from this article about fun-filled summer adventures in New Mexico. Look around and find serious fun right in your own home town. Start with local travel sites – like TripAdvisor or’s local travel suggestions.

End of Summer Homework: Have Fun!

This post features a great list of easy, fun and timeless activities for checking off your to do list. Use the last few weeks of summer to get in some last minute shopping, get through some summer reading and enjoy some family meals before the hustle and bustle of the school year begins.

With these ideas you’ll be sure to find a way to fill those last few days of summer with something fun, exciting and memorable.