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What is the College Board’s “SAT Question and Answer Service?”


The College Board’s SAT Question and Answer Service allows a student to have the entire SAT test booklet and their answer key mailed to their house. This service is extremely valuable because without it, the student will just get a score but will have no idea which types of questions they missed.

college board sat question and answerI always tell students that taking the January or May SAT and not ordering the Question and Answer Service would be like taking a test in school, getting some questions wrong, but then never seeing which questions you got wrong. That would be very frustrating and that is why many students are frustrated by the SAT. The College Board’s SAT Question and Answer Service is offered on the January, May, and October SATs.

Every junior should consider taking the January and/or May SAT and if a student does decide to take the SAT on either or both of these test dates, that student should definitely order the Question and Answer Service. Note that they do not offer the Question and Answer Service on the March, June, November, or December SATs. Also, note that there is an $18 charge for this service.

The ACT does offer the same service on the April and June ACTs called the Test Information Release Service. I highly recommend this service for the same reasons I think every student should order the Question and Answer Service.

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