There are some SAT math formulas that you should memorize before the SAT.  This does not include the SAT math formulas that are given to you at the start of EACH math section.  Make sure you know which formulas are given to you so you don’t waste your time memorizing these!   As far as SAT math formulas that are not given to you and you should memorize, here are a few important ones:

  • Slope = (Y2 – Y1)/(X2 – X1) or (The change in Y)/(The change in X)
  • Exponent rules: (m3) x (m4) = m7  and (m3)4 = m12.  Make sure you have this difference memorized because the SAT will try to fool you.
  • Percent = (part)/(whole)
  • Percent increase or decrease = (change in amount)/(original amount)
  • Probability = (part)/(whole)
  • A simple way to think about function questions is f(x) = y.  (The number in parenthesis next to the f is always the x-value and the number after the equals sign is the y-value.)
  • Remember that as a fraction goes to a higher power, the value gets smaller. 

Even just memorizing these few SAT math formulas could make a huge difference on your SAT score.

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