Many students often underestimate the need for ACT Test Preparation as well as the number of effective resources available to them.  Last year more students took the ACT than the SAT for the first time ever. 

Since all colleges will accept either score, students who don’t take both the SAT and the ACT are really at a disadvantage.  Research shows anywhere between 20% and 30% of students will score better on one test than on the other.  For this reason students would be well served to take both exams during their junior year and see which they do better on or feel more comfortable with - then concentrate on just that one for the fall of their senior year.

I’ve Taken Both and I Prefer the ACT

ACT test preparation is a key component to raising your score.  If you feel more comfortable with the ACT or score better than you did on the SAT, it is essential that you devote some time towards prepping before taking the test in the fall of your senior year. 

You would never expect to do well on a math or science test without significant preparation and the ACT is no different.  There are many options when it comes to ACT test preparation and in order to choose the right one, it’s important to understand how you work. 

Take a realistic look at your daily schedule to figure out what kind of time commitment you can make.   You will also want to assess what resources you have available.  For many students, budgeting time and resources might be new skills but they are important ones that will serve you for many years to come.  For example, you don’t want to commit to an expensive series of summer classes on a Saturday morning if you work late on Friday nights, just like you wouldn’t want to purchase an online program if you don’t have access to a computer.

What Options Are Available For ACT Test Preparation

The best ACT test preparation methods are the ones that you will actually use.  Typically there are four main options that students have available to them: 

  • Online ACT test preparation
  • Classroom test preparation
  • Face to face tutoring
  • Study guides or big boring books.
Obviously none of these methods of test preparation are 100% enjoyable for a student but like we said, it’s essential if you want to raise your score that you spend some time preparing.  Many students find that a combination of different ACT test preparation methods works best to keep their attention and reduce the tedium.