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Treat Yourself Better During The SAT

taking the test

The SAT is taken by thousands of students each year. They study, they take the test, they get their results; but what really happens? Method Test Prep's Vice President Evan Wessler, after years of experiencing the SAT first hand, shares his reflections on his latest experience in the most recent Ebook Impressions of the June 2014 SAT. After getting a sneak peak into what to expect before the actual exam in our first installment, we invite you to take a seat and see what taking the test is really like.

How to Combat the SAT Writing Portion with Hard-Hitting Strategies

SAT Essay

The essay writing portion of the SAT can be nerve-wracking. Add the pressure of writing to the SAT essay time limit and you've got a recipe for high-tension pressure to perform. This pressure makes freeze up and lose precious time second-guessing themselves. 

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