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SAT & ACT Tutoring is Not Sliced Chicken


Instilling Confidence Key to Improving SAT Scores


Charles, a student of mine, went from scoring a 1620 on SAT practice tests to scoring a 2060.  Upon informing his mother of the improvement, his mother said to both Charles and I that the improvement was hard to believe because Charles is not a good test taker.  There was no congratulations, no beaming smile of pride at her son's success, no commendation to Charles for working so diligently for three months.  While this type of response continues to surprise me, it is actually fairly common for parents to have similar responses.  And, while it might be hard to hear, my advice will help your child to achieve on college admissions tests.

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Tutors Need to Inspire Motivation as Well as Facilitate Learning

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Quality test preparation is as much about people as it is about a test.  Excellent tutors know that they must continually learn more about their students, just as their students continually learn more about the subject matter at hand.  When an instructor gets to know a student, he or she can explain questions in a manner that the student will better understand.  However, even more importantly, the tutor learns what motivates a student and how to incorporate a student’s natural passion with academic success.


What I learned at MTP Training Workshop


I just finished an SAT/ACT tutoring session with a couple of students and I was so excited about how it went that I had to share.  I attended a Method Test Prep training workshop for tutors last night and picked up a bunch of strategies that I was able to apply this morning.  These strategies had a huge impact on how effective the session was; this was my third session with these 2 students and it was by far the most effective. 


Evaluating When an SAT Tutor Makes Sense


Nothing strikes fear into parents’ hearts like receiving their children’s PSAT scores and realizing that they have their work cut out for them if they are going to get a scholarship to the college of their dreams.  The knee jerk reaction is often to immediately find an SAT tutor in the area and try to secure as many private sessions with that tutor as possible. 

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