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SAT and ACT Study Tips: How to Beat Procrastination and Start Studying

ACT test prep

Basic study skills and avoiding procrastination are keys to effective SAT test prep and ACT test prep. If you want to get more studying done – or want to help the student in your life get more studying done – check out these stay focused, stress-relieving tips from around the web.

How Students Can Score Higher on SAT Test Day

don't scramble on SAT test day

Your practice tests are in the high 1700s, but you can't break a 1600 on the real SAT.  Why the disparity in scores? 

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How Students + Technology Can Equal Better Test Scores


Utilizing technology to learn is becoming the “norm” in our rapidly changing society. Never before in the history of the world has it been so easy to simply get in touch with information. Engaging students in the learning process using technology is a method that can both capture their attention and inspire a deeper participation in the process.  

Online SAT Classes and Other Online Learning Trends


Technology is transforming the way teachers teach. As children becoming increasingly more engaged with technology at home and at school, it’s important to stay on top of the newest trends and latest studies. Here’s our must-read suggestions for this month.  

How to Make the Most of Online SAT or ACT Prep Classes

Online SAT prep  classes

Taking an online SAT class or online ACT class can help you prepare for either test, but only if you can make the most of the opportunity. No matter where you start with your test prep practice, embracing the right attitudes and prep habits can make a difference in your score. Use these tips to make the most of any online ACT class or online SAT class. 

SAT Reading and Writing Scores are Dropping - What Can Teachers Do?

SAT reading and writing

According to the College Board, the New York-based organization that administers the SAT test, reading and writing scores on the SAT are dropping. The average critical reading score fell 1 point to 496 from a year earlier. The average score for writing dropped 1 point to 488, the lowest since writing was added to the exam in 2006.

3 Reasons Why Online, Teacher-Led Classes are Great for Students

Teacher Led Classes

Online classes are already a superiorly convenient way for students to take classes, learn and thrive in our busy and fast paced world. Teacher-led online classes are even better. Here’s why. 

SAT Test History - Where Did This Test Come From?

SAT Test History

The SAT is “the” test for College acceptance. This was not always the case. Though few can remember a time when the SAT was not a part of College preparation, many have heard the stories of the SAT once being a government level test that was administered to enlisted servicemen who wanted to attend college. Today, with every college requiring SAT test scores as part of admission it is on every student’s mind. But where did the SAT come from?

Should You Use the SAT Test "Question and Answer" Service?


The verdict is in and the critics agree: yes, students should use the “Question and Answer” service (QAS) provided by the College Board! This service is available to students when they register to take their test, or up to five months after their test date.  By engaging valuable resources like this, students will add a significant tool to their ACT and SAT test taking toolkit.

New Trends in SAT Prep

sat super scoring

Conventional wisdom held that students should try not to take the SAT more than three times; after that, college admissions officials apparently looked unfavorably on such repetitious testing.

Times have changed.  Now, because of the combination of "superscoring" the SAT and the introduction of "score-choice," the minimum number of times most students should take the SAT is three times.  Here is why superscoring and score-choice are such a powerful combination:

When colleges superscore the SAT (which most colleges do), they take a student's highest score from each section across multiple tests.  Here are three examples of a student's test scores and how much superscoring can help.

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