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Part 4: The New SAT Writing & Language and Essay Sections

Part 4: The New SAT Writing

Because it will be significantly different from today's exam, the team at Method Test Prep has spent many hours learning about the new SAT.

How to Combat the SAT Writing Portion with Hard-Hitting Strategies

SAT Essay

The essay writing portion of the SAT can be nerve-wracking. Add the pressure of writing to the SAT essay time limit and you've got a recipe for high-tension pressure to perform. This pressure makes freeze up and lose precious time second-guessing themselves. 

SAT test prep and ACT test prep : How to Ace the Writing Portions

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Writing sections are on both the SAT and ACT tests. They are a crucial part of the composite scores of each test. The SAT contains a mandatory essay, but on the ACT, the written essay is optional. However some schools require it as part of admissions. So how do students perform well on the written portions of these tests? The following tips can help students become a writing ace on the SAT or ACT. 

7 Things Teachers Need to Know About the SAT

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As a teacher, education coordinator or administrator, you’re responsible for making sure that students are prepared for college at the end of their four year tenure with your school. In addition to providing the right classroom experience, you’ll also be around to support their preparation for the SAT.

Critical Reading: Read With Purpose

criticical reading

It's not a surprise that the College Board calls the Reading section of the SAT "Critical Reading."  It's funny how the Math and Writing sections don't get an exciting adjective like "critical."  The ACT section is just called "Reading' but rest assured, you also need to read critically on the ACT.  What does it mean to read critically?  Well, I'll tell you what it doesn't mean.  It doesn't mean skim the passage, fail to underline key words and ideas, or daydream about your future college. It doesn't mean ignore names, key facts, and dates.  So how do you read with purpose?  It's easier than you think.

To read critically requires attention, skill and most of all, confidence.  You need to be confident that you know what the important ideas are.  Where are the important ideas?  Almost always in the beginning and toward the end of each paragraph and the passage as a whole. Remember, the SAT or ACT is predictable and the main idea is not going to be buried in a footnote or supporting detail. And when you find those ideas, don't forget to underline, circle or mark the passage to remind yourself why it’s important!  I like to create little notes for myself next to each paragraph.  By the time you get to the questions you're going to forget a lot of what you read, that's why it's important to underline and take some minor notes.  You are in charge of the text--don't let the words bully you.

Score Higher on your SAT or ACT essay


Want to learn a few strategies for scoring higher on your SAT or ACT essay?  This video blog is less than 2 minutes long and will teach you a number of techniques that will allow to earn a higher score on your SAT or ACT essay.  Every important trick, strategy, and techniques is discussed. Learn strategies such as: longer essays tend to earn higher scores, proper use of punctuation such as semi-colons impresses the readers.

7 Tips for Writing Better ACT and SAT Essays

7 tips

Worried about the writing portion of the ACT or SAT? You can prepare yourself by focusing on a few basic strategies for essay writing. Follow this list of tips to make your test essay shine!

Tips for the SAT Writing: Subject-Object & Ambiguous Pronoun



Being able to identify the subject and the object of a sentence is an essential skill on the SAT. This is simple in some cases:

Brian cooked dinner.

In this example, the subject is Brian because he is the person/thing performing the verb cooked. The object of the sentence is dinner because it is the person/thing that the verb is acting upon.


Tips for the SAT Writing: Part IV

cheering fans

Diction Errors  


Tips for the SAT Writing Section: Part III

sat writing

Subject-Pronoun Agreement

When you examine a sentence in the Writing Section, you should make sure that the sentence substitutes the correct pronoun for the subject of the sentence.  The most popular way for the SAT to test this concept is by substituting a plural pronoun for a singular subject.  For example,
Ryan believes that a musician must practice their instrument for several hours each day in order to master the most difficult techniques.

In this sentence, the pronoun “their” refers to “a musician”.  This is the error in the sentence because “a musician” is singular but “”their” is plural.  

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