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SAT Critical Reading : 5 Tips to Help You Strike Gold

SAT verbal

The SAT Critical Reading section is often times grumbled at, underestimated, and overshot. What do you need to do to get a (near) perfect score? Here is a top five list of golden tips that can help improve your scores.

Test Prep Online – Should Students Take the PSAT Test?

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One of the biggest questions educators have about SAT test prep is regarding the importance of the PSAT test. The PSAT is a practice test that is taken in the spring of a student’s sophomore year or fall of their junior year. Since it doesn’t count for the official SAT score, many students wonder if they should spend their time taking one of the many PSAT tests offered each year.

7 Things Teachers Need to Know About the SAT

sat test prep

As a teacher, education coordinator or administrator, you’re responsible for making sure that students are prepared for college at the end of their four year tenure with your school. In addition to providing the right classroom experience, you’ll also be around to support their preparation for the SAT.

4 Real World Ways the SATs and the ACTs Prepare Students for Life

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When you’re working with students to help them prepare for the SAT or ACT, they may be reluctant to study. The format of the SAT and ACT seem like a totally foreign language compared to a student’s real world experience. However, the SAT and ACT can have some very real world applications. Helping students understand the connections between their test prep and life can help you prepare them and help them develop the right mindset to succeed.

5 Keys to Verbal Test Prep for SAT and ACT

ACT vocabulary

Getting students ready for the Verbal portions of the ACT or SAT may seem like a challenge. For many students, reading comprehension and verbal skills are difficult to manage. As a teacher or education coordinator, it’s important for you to get a handle on what is important for students on the SAT and ACT and encourage students to improve those skills.

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