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What to expect on the SAT

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The SAT is taken by thousands of students each year. They study, they take the test, they get their results; but what really happens? Method Test Prep's Vice President Evan Wessler, after years of experiencing the SAT first hand, shares his reflections on his latest experience in the most recent Ebook Impressions of the June 2014 SAT

Changes to the SAT: What is Happening and Why the Change?

Changes to the SAT: What is Happening and Why the Change?

Yesterday, the College Board released extensive information detailing the changes behind the new SAT, which will be administered for the first time in spring 2016. While there were hints of what was to come, we now have topic lists and sample questions that present the form and content of the updated exam.

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Changes to the SAT in 2016: Just the Facts, Please

2016 SAT

Exactly what are the major changes to the SAT going to be? Here they are in plain English:

The New SAT – Why High Schools Shouldn’t Even Pay Attention

Important message about the SAT

How should the recently announced changes to the SAT impact high schools?

Changes to the SAT… Much Ado About Nothing

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The College Board made headlines yesterday by announcing major changes to the SAT. Who cares? For the most part, preparation for the test will remain the same. Students will still need to focus on building core math, reading, and writing skills. Students will still need to put in a significant amount of time and practice to score their best since repetition and familiarity with the test questions will remain the key. The College Board is making these changes to become more like the ACT because the ACT has been eating the SAT’s lunch for years now. More students take the ACT every year than the SAT. That news comes as a shock in places like New York and California where the SAT was always the predominant test. The College Board is trying to stop the bleeding and keep the SAT relevant. 

PSAT – Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

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Sometimes, high school feels like a whole other world with all its activities, emotions, and requirements. Part of the reason is because you are approaching adulthood, and your life’s going to be changing. High school’s trying to prepare you for that.

Are the Summer SATs a Smart Move or a Waste of Time?

Summer SATs

Taking the SAT is a major part of a college-bound student's high school career. The debate rages on about summer SATs: Could they make the testing process easier for students? Or will they just add that much more stress to the process? 

ACT and SAT Scoring: What are the Averages for Colleges and Universities?

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When juniors and seniors in high school begin eying college admissions requirements, the most important thing on their minds is the score. What are the average ACT or SAT scores for the school they want to get into?

How to Combat the SAT Writing Portion with Hard-Hitting Strategies

SAT Essay

The essay writing portion of the SAT can be nerve-wracking. Add the pressure of writing to the SAT essay time limit and you've got a recipe for high-tension pressure to perform. This pressure makes freeze up and lose precious time second-guessing themselves. 

3 Compelling Reasons Every School Should Offer ACT & SAT Test Prep

SAT test prep

When it comes to ACT and SAT test prep, many school districts may wonder what the benefit of implementing a test prep program could be. After all, many students prepare for their SAT or ACT tests without an institutionalized preparation program. Why not allow each individual student to handle the test preparation, thus saving a school's valuable time and money?

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