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Six Great Educational Apps for Teenagers

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Educational apps have created a happy medium between learning and having fun. There are apps available to help your teen learn everything from the periodic table to geography to exploring Sherlock Holmes mysteries while having fun. This is the magic formula that app designers are using to create today’s most popular apps. Here are a few of the most educational and fun apps for teens, as recommended by some of sites like Fun Educational Apps, and non-profits like GreatSchools and Common Sense Media who serve families who desire more from their apps than fruit chopping and disgruntled birds.

Why You Should Strive to Attend a Great College

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We know that good grades and a good SAT score are important for gaining admittance to an exceptional college.  However, we typically do not elucidate specifically why a good college is so important.  The answer is more encompassing than simply a quality education. 

Online SAT Classes and Other Online Learning Trends


Technology is transforming the way teachers teach. As children becoming increasingly more engaged with technology at home and at school, it’s important to stay on top of the newest trends and latest studies. Here’s our must-read suggestions for this month.  

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