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ACT and SAT Scoring: What are the Averages for Colleges and Universities?

ACT and SAT scores resized 600

When juniors and seniors in high school begin eying college admissions requirements, the most important thing on their minds is the score. What are the average ACT or SAT scores for the school they want to get into?

3 Compelling Reasons Every School Should Offer ACT & SAT Test Prep

SAT test prep

When it comes to ACT and SAT test prep, many school districts may wonder what the benefit of implementing a test prep program could be. After all, many students prepare for their SAT or ACT tests without an institutionalized preparation program. Why not allow each individual student to handle the test preparation, thus saving a school's valuable time and money?

How to Use ACT and SAT Study Guides for Test Prep

SAT Study Guide

With so many available study guides for the ACT and the SAT, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Sure, your study guides contain lots of good information. But how can you remember all of it when it comes time to take your actual test?

Can Tutoring Be Fun? And Other SAT Tutor News Stories

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In this month’s roundup we take a look at the lighter side of tutoring – and how to get the most out of your tutor. Read on!

Your One Week Countdown for the SAT


You've only got a week until you have to take your test! Are you nervous yet? If you are, don't feel bad—most students are. That's why the most important thing you can do right now is to have a relaxing, confidence-boosting week.

ACT Science Reasoning Tips

Science Reasoning

The Science Reasoning test on the ACT can be the scariest part of the whole test. In fact, many people who score in the 30s on the other three sections often score in the low to mid 20s on Science Reasoning.

SAT Essay Help | ACT Essay Help

SAT and ACt Essays

SAT and ACT essays can seem like the hardest part of your test. After all, there is no way you can narrow down the right answer by counting out wrong answers. You can't even make a guess and hope you get it right that way!

ACT and SAT Prep Tips for the Whole Family

ACT and SAT prep

Preparing for the SAT and ACT may seem like a job for the student taking the test, and the student alone. But just like other aspects of education, ACT and SAT test prep begins with and ends with the family environment. 

SAT Scores : What Do They Mean and How to Improve Them

SAT scores

What Does My SAT Score Mean? 

Even for those who know their target score, SAT scoring is far from immediately clear. It's not always easy to understand how the test is scored (are wrong answers really counted as negative points—or just zero?), how the essay portion of the test is scored, or what percentiles mean in concrete terms. Bloomberg Businessweek gives a short, concise rundown on the basics of SAT scoring—and what it means for you.

How to Find the Best Online Test Prep Classes

Online test prep classes

Online SAT and ACT test prep lessons are a convenient and cost-effective way to prepare for the exams. Thanks to modern technology you no longer have to drive across town to classes. As long as you have a good internet connection you can fire up your laptop and start studying right away. A lot of tutoring companies offer online prep courses, but how do you find the best ones? Here are factors to keep in mind when making a decision.

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