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Part 2: The New SAT Math Section


Explaining the New SAT Mathematics Sections

"Why am I learning this math? I'm never going to use it in the real world –– it's useless!" 

Changes to the SAT: What is Happening and Why the Change?

Changes to the SAT: What is Happening and Why the Change?

Yesterday, the College Board released extensive information detailing the changes behind the new SAT, which will be administered for the first time in spring 2016. While there were hints of what was to come, we now have topic lists and sample questions that present the form and content of the updated exam.

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How to Spend Your Summer to Prep for the ACT and SAT

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If you’re planning on taking the ACT or SAT in the fall of 2014, you should start studying over the summer.

How to Maintain Studying Momentum During the Last Few Months of School

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Ah, yes. The last few months of school. You can smell it in the air and taste it on your tongue, just like when you arrive at your favorite restaurant and know that the smells wafting out will soon be food on your plate.

Why Some High-Achieving Students Struggle on the SAT and ACT

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"My child has a 95 GPA, always aces math tests, and excels in AP English, but can't seem to figure out the SAT!"

This is something we hear from parents at least a few times a week. To them, and especially to students, the stark incongruity between a student's notable academic performance and not-so-notable SAT or ACT scores is difficult to reconcile, and can be extremely discouraging. This is especially so when there are some students in your child's peer group who seem to just "get it", barely study for the SAT or ACT, and come out with off-the-charts scores.

Which SAT Math Section Are You Working On?

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Some students are not fans of math, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do well on the SAT math section when it comes time to take the test.

Changes to the SAT in 2016: Just the Facts, Please

2016 SAT

Exactly what are the major changes to the SAT going to be? Here they are in plain English:

7 Apps to Build Your Vocabulary

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Gone are the days of picking up an ACT or SAT study guide from the library. You know, like one of those physical, big books that was full of printed information about the tests.

5 Bad Ideas for ACT English Study

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Sometimes studying for the ACT can seem frustrating, and you feel like your ACT prep classes or study guides are the most boring things in the world. 

SAT & ACT Tutoring is Not Sliced Chicken

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