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What to expect on the SAT

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The SAT is taken by thousands of students each year. They study, they take the test, they get their results; but what really happens? Method Test Prep's Vice President Evan Wessler, after years of experiencing the SAT first hand, shares his reflections on his latest experience in the most recent Ebook Impressions of the June 2014 SAT

Open letter to the Parents and Students of the Class of 2017

Study For The SAT?

Dear Parents and Students of the Class of 2017,

Did you hear the good news? You have been chosen as the guinea pigs for the “new” SAT. This “new” SAT will be unleashed upon the world (read: first administered) in March 2016. So the timeline for your graduating class as far as the best times to take the SAT will be different for your grade than for every other grade. You will be the only group who can take both the “current” SAT and the “new” SAT in your 11th grade year. So here is what I would do if I were you. Or parents, here is what I would do if I had a child in the Class of 2017 (my kids are in the Class of 2027! By then, we will probably have a new, new SAT.)

Do You Know Why Students Prefer Online Learning?

Do You Know Why Students Prefer Online Learning?

The Survey of Online Learning found that students who have the option to take online classes prefer to do so rather than taking traditional classes. While this survey focused on college students, the same trend is true for those studying for the ACT, SAT and similar college entrance exams. Online learning provides the flexibility and personalization that students need to prepare for these crucial tests.

Only Time Will Tell if the New SAT Will Actually Be Easier or Not

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Based upon the recent information put forth by the College Board regarding the new SAT, and the corresponding analysis by Evan Wessler on previous blog posts, it would seem that although there are some “friendlier” aspects of the new SAT, it is by no means an easier test. 

Are you curious about an Independent Educational Consultant?

Are you curious about an Independent Educational Consultant?

Are you curious about an independent educational consultant? What purpose does one serve  How does a family locate a qualified and competent professional? How about the fee?  What do they do?  

Why You're Not Done When You Take the ACT/SAT

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Once you’ve finished taking the ACT or SAT, you probably feel overjoyed. No more test preparation for you, and you can just complete your school year with little effort, right?

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What Your Junior & Senior Years Should Look Like

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When you’re a junior or senior in high school, you seem to have both everything and nothing on your plate at the same time.

Part 4: The New SAT Writing & Language and Essay Sections

Part 4: The New SAT Writing

Because it will be significantly different from today's exam, the team at Method Test Prep has spent many hours learning about the new SAT.

Is Your Sleep Debt Ruining Your Study Time?

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You’re probably familiar with the picture of an exhausted high school student who drags himself or herself out of bed every morning and acts like a zombie through the first few classes of the day.

Part 3: The New SAT Reading Section

The New SAT Reading Section

The new SAT Reading section will ------- the sometimes ------- vocabulary tested on the current SAT, and will instead challenge students with more practical language in context.

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